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Reviews From 08-01-2002
Submitted to by Cody Chamberlain

Norhtrop Auditorium, Austin, MN

I must say I was absolutely changed after seeing this show. The show started at 7 and martin Sexton opened. Although most of the crowd was too busy callin all their friends to tell them they are at a John Mayer concert, we loved him. Once Guster came out, atleast half the people put their phones away. Once they started jammin' everyone was up and dancin'. Brian is by far one of the best entertainers I have seen on stage. He had so much energy and was on all night. The lighting was perfect, and the boys didn't miss a single note (That we could notice at least). These guys made john Mayer look like a school boy and deserved to be headlining. So..FA FA FA FA FA FA.....Guster rules! Great show.