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Reviews From 04-30-2002
Submitted to by yellowflame

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA

I guess this was a secret show of some sort. BC didn't even tell us who was playing until this morning...the day of the show. Nevertheless, a huge number of people showed up in the mod parking lot to watch Guster kick it at our first official outdoor concert ever.
The show was great. Ryan came out and threw food to the apple and a banana I think. They seemed psyched to be here, and laughed a little about playing in our parking lot. They opened with What You Wish For which got everyone dancing and then played all the favorites from the previous albums. They only played one new song and one cover of the Stone Roses, a band who, according to Ryan, no one has ever really heard of.
During the middle of the show it started to rain, but everyone stayed, and the band commended us for it! Ryan talked throughout the show and Brian, as always, made weird faces and sang along in the background. Adam styled his J Crew gear for the audience and flashed his priceless smile a time or two. ;)
They encored with Parachute and Great Escape, and Brian and Adam stuck around after the show, in the rain, signing autographs and talking to everyone.
Overall, a really fun show!