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Reviews From 04-20-2003
Submitted to by James R, Esquire

Riviera, Chicago, IL

This show was simply amazing. Guster has a remarkable gift for song writing, but they are also one of the best live bands I've ever seen. This show's set list was perfect, combining new and old stuff, and kicking out some unbelievable jams. They covered Ben Folds' "Not the Same", which was a great addition because that song expresses the same type of feeling that's alive in Guster's music. I love the way they use the strobe light over the percussionist, it give the impression that he's playing in bolts of lightning. The whole concert was a trip. Highlights: Happier, FaFa, Two Points, Airport Song, Not the Same, and I spy. Oh yeah, they had the drummer try to sing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" as their final, and that was just funny.