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Reviews From 04-12-2003
Submitted to by Ben Katz

Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KS

Well, what can I say about that show. It was most deffinantly the best concert I have ever seen. This was my 3rd time seeing Guster, and they get better each time I see them. They opened up w/ What You Wish For. They followed that w/ I Spy which is one of my personal favorites. But I never expected what happened next. My friend and I had skipped prom to see them play that night and when we saw the set list there was only one thing missing, 2 Points. Well my friend uppon seeing the list wrote Ryan a quick note seeing as how we were standing right in front of him. The note said, "We skipped Sr. Prom to see you play. Please play 2 points." We didnt really expect anything to happen or for him even to take the note but he ended up taking the note and read it to the crowd. The next thing I realized is that Ryan had pulled us up on stage and that they were playing what I personally think is one of Gusters best songs. After that I cant really remember to much of the concert because I was still in shock from being on stage.

The band also seemed to have an unofficial special guest saturday night as well. Aparantly some girl had written the guys a while in advance and asked if she could play violin on Window w/ them. Well her wish came true. Holly if your reading this. That was absolutely amazing.

I have no clue what else to say about the show. The crowd was great. Guster played a lot of new songs, which was great, and some oldies but goodies. So all I have left to say is that, that was my greatest concert experience to date. And if you have never seen the guys play before I highly recomend it. I cant wait to see them again.