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Reviews From 04-09-2006
Submitted to by Travis

Valparasio College, Valparasio,Indiana

Guster is AWESOME live. They are by far my favorite band, which is saying a lot, because I like a lot of other good bands. Where do I begin? I will start with the opening act, Andrew Bird. He is an insane whstler. INSANE. The best I have ever heard. He played somwhere around 9 songs. Guster played "The Captain" first. That is my favorite song of theirs. The intro to "Barrel of a Gun" was very cool. Either "I Spy" or "Jesus on the Radio" was the coolest song they played. They jammed for about 3 minutes at the end of "I Spy", and they played "Jesus on the Radio" unplugged. There was a guy named Kirby that played cello on "So Long" and "Airport Song". He did a good job. Kirby did better on "So Long" because they jammed at the end. Impressive peformance, Kirby. Guster played "Satellite" with the awesome techno keyboard. They had the best lights for "Satellite". The bass solo on "Satellite" was extended for about 30 seconds. AWESOME!!! The croud got fired up when they heard "Manifest Destiny" for the first time. The only thing that I didn't like about the concert was that they didn't play a song from Parachute, or even a song from Goldfly they don't normally play. I am going to see them again November 10th, so I am hoping that they will play "Mona Lisa", "Window", "Happy Frappy", or "Parachute". If you haven't seen them live, you NEED to A.S.A.P.