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Reviews From 03-28-2003
Submitted to by Brad

The Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I would like to start off by saying that this was my first time seeing guster in concert. I had been looking forward too this concert for many weeks before hand. I became a fan of guster's only about a year ago but i think they are one of the best bands out there today. Now to the show. The opening band BLUE MERLE was alright but it seemed like all their songs sounded the same. They played a short set before guster came out. Guster started the set with "What you Wish For" which was great even thought it is not one of my favorites. Towards the middle of the concert they played a few songs from their new CD including "Ramona" and another song which was entitled "Diana". It was a good song but i like it better when Brian plays on the bongos instead of the drums. One thing about seeing guster in concert is that songs you don't like as much as others, you like even more. I was never a big fan of "Center of Attention" but after hearing it live, I like it a lot more. The same goes for "Mona Lisa". In my own opinion, the best song of the concert was "Demons" because it is a great song and seeing Brian go nuts on the bongos was cool. They ended the encore with "Either Way" which is a great song to end the night with. Another great part of the concert was the light show which in my opinion was better than any other concert i have been too. For all those who are reading this and have hot yet been to a guster show, you are in for a night of great tones and great fun.

Submitted to by Kyle Barrett

The Eagles Club: The Rave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This was the first guster show ive been to. I was not disapointed, the show was awesome. Blue Mearl opened and played probably 8 or so songs before leaving. Lots of people seemed to be into their music, some strange instruments for this kind of a band, but it was good stuff. Guster opened with my favorite, What you wish for, awesome song to get the crowd goin. They played a lot of new songs that i didnt know the names of yet. A couple i had heard before-- ramona was great, not many people knew it yet, but still a great song. I'm guessing one of the new songs played was "keep it together" and it was a really good song too. They played one other song for the second time ever, couldnt hear the name of it though, either "I am" or "Diane".. great song, especially for their second time. The new intros and outros were great, especially the one after "I spy". Older toons were great as well especially with the violinist from blue mearl on window. X ray eyes, mona lisa and demons with cake's "Jolene" were suprises as well. Other highlights were ryan's stalling, his talk about holding up cell phones, two points for honesty, and the great lights during every song. The guys put on one of the best concerts of any band i have ever been too. If you havn't seen them, get tickets, they are awesome. After the show the sound guys were pretty cool too, they tossed us ping pong balls from airport song and a handfull of adam's guitar picks. Ubelievable first show, and it wont be my last.