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Reviews From 03-27-2003
Submitted to by John Q.

Clutch Cargos, Pontiac, Michigan

The boys came out casually, but Adam was wearing the same shirt at the Philly show last November. Interesting, well not interesting, but it caught my eye.

So we're standing in the way back(which isn't too far in CC's) and we quickly figured out that being close to the bar is not a good thing because the drunk people around you can go back for more and more. These guys right behind us start yelling "Get HYPED, for GOOSTER!" Kind of funny once, but not 10 times. The girls in front of us are amazed my friend from Germany, Florian, has never heard of Guster before. The show starts and the guys and girls behind us make room for themselves to jump around like a Green Day concert, but they stop.

Ryan informs us that we make him feel like the singer Pink because we all sing Barrel. At some point I tell my German friend that I'm going to try to get a set list from those guys who are the technicians, and he tells me, I've played in bands before, I know who they are. Ryan informs us the last time they played CC's was their favorite show, and he's not kissing ass because I heard Brian say the same thing a year before in Ann Arbor. Other highlights include the crowd going crazy when the strobe light was going crazy during Happier, and Ryan makes them put the light on again and he sings the theme to Land of the Lost and something else. Also during Happier there was a crowd surfer! From what I can tell very unusual at a Guster concert, and Pasty and the security guard made him step away from the sound equipment.

The crowd went crazy again for Fa Fa Fa. and then the the Gusters come out with 60s versions of Window, Wish, and Esc. My fiance Christina and the girls in front of us start doing 60's type Austin Power dances. They finish the set with the Gusters theme song, based soley on the Monkeys theme song. Ah the Monkeys. Couldn't they have played I'm a believer? I swear, the new guy Joe looks like the guy from Biloxi Blues, "Henesey, James J." as Christopher Walken said. If they keep the 60s thing going, they should come out at the Goosters as inspired by our drunk friends behind us. They came out once more with Either Way. I swear they would've played more if the crowd stuck around, but it was 12:30am on a Thursday, and my friend Marie "got that feeling too" that they would play once more. But alas, I do get the set list from Gordon, woo hoo!