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The 50 Question Guster Purity Test

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Instructions: Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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    SECTION 1 - Shows:

  1. Been to a Guster show?
  2. Been to a Guster without tickets?
  3. Have you driven more than 2 hours to a Guster show?
  4. Have you driven more than 4 hours to a Guster show?
  5. Ever stayed in a hotel because it was too far to drive there and back in a day?
  6. Ever flown to another state to see a guster show?
  7. Flown to another state to see a guster show more than once?
  8. Ever seen more than one Guster show in a week?
  9. Ever seen Guster shows back to back? (One today, and one tomorrow)
  10. Crowd surfed at a Guster show?
  11. Ever been on-stage with Guster?
  12. Have you ever seen Brian sing?
  13. Seen Brian sing and thought it was a Good Thing (tm)?
  14. Have you ever grabbed a setlist?
  15. Have you ever grabbed a setlist and had to fight other people off to retain ownership?
  16. Have you ever grabbed any other misc item? (guitar pick, sweaty shirt from Adam)
  17. SECTION 2 - Traditions:

  18. Thrown pixie sticks?
  19. Thrown ping pong balls during Airport Song?
  20. Sang the "Dirty Dirty, oh so Dirty" in Airport Song?
  21. Blown bubbles during Either Way?
  22. Done the 4-3-2-1 hand motion during 'Barrel'?
  23. Yelled "Circle Circle Dot Dot Dot" during "The Great Escape"?
  24. Yelled "JACKALS" during "Bury Me"?
  25. Yelled "JACKALS" loud enough to startle the person next to you?
  26. Sang the "Doot-Doots" during "Bury Me"?
  27. SECTION 3 - Merchandise:

  28. Do you own the Gus Demo Tape?
  29. Do you own Parachute?
  30. Do you own Goldfly?
  31. Re-bought Goldfly just because you had the older version and wanted the newer one as well (several re-mixed tracks)?
  32. Do you own Lost and Gone Forever?
  33. Do you own any vintage "GUS" posters, albums, stickers, etc?
  34. Do you own The Pasty Tapes?
  35. Do you own any autographed merchandise?
  36. Do you own one of the following Guster items: nightlight, oven mitt, Rubber ducky?
  37. SECTION 4 - Other Stuff:

  38. Seen a guster performance on TV?
  39. Seen the Fa Fa Video?
  40. Seen the Guster "Too Hot for TV" video?
  41. Seen the HMV Barrel Video?
  42. Been to a Guster show and cried?
  43. Been to a Guster show and cried at an inappropriaite moment?
  44. Broken up with someone for not liking Guster?
  45. Tried to convert someone to a guster fan?
  46. Suceeded?
  47. Asked someone out simply because they like Guster too?
  48. Have you heard "Racetrack"?
  49. Can you recite all the words to any guster song in it's entirity from memory, besides "Racetrack"?
  50. Do you know Ryan's last name?
  51. Do you know Adam's last name?
  52. Do you know Brian's last name?
  53. Can you spell Brian's last name? (No cheating here :p)

End of Test