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Guster Haiku
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Please do not eat them!
Guster is for listening
Not for the stomach
Guster has guitars
Guster has a Thundergod
Guster roks my soks
the three boys from tufts
are enjoyable to hear
me gusta guster
Blow bubbles and cheer
These three guys make "wuss rock" cool
We call them Guster
they say to look up
keep my heart from looking down
whistle and fade out
bongos go wack boom
guitars get strummed very fast
singing "la ti da"
guster's for losers
at least that's what they tell me
i'm really drunk, though
did anyone hear
that new kevin kline movie
has two guster songs?
They are so scrumptious
I just want to eat them up
But they are for love
guster guster gus
ter guster guster guster
guster guster gus
Who are Peace Soldiers?
Mulletted Guster members
Cut those mops and sing
Blisters on his hands,
Thundergod beats his bongos.
How does he do it?
I used to sit and
Watch the pouring rain too, Gus
did you know me then?
Soaring harmonies
Drop a couch from balcony
Brian sings for laughs
ryan's been drinking
it is so easy to see
he puked on adam
Saw Guster's asses
At the show on New Year's Day
Dirty, so dirty!
Three cute Jewish boys
Play music like no others
Who's your daddy now?
Guster is clean fun
I listen when i feel good
And when i feel glum
Billy Ray
Glad that you made it
Thanks for coming to the farm
Who your daddy now?
I'm always real drunk
when I listen to Guster
thats why they are cool
Where did the eggs go?
Did they end up in Rainbows?
Nevermind. Beef Jerky.
Yay for the Guster
They make me oh-so-happy
Dancing to the beats
thundergod i love
he likes to watch family guy
and eat raisin bran
Brian has his bongos
And he plays them very hard
I love those bongos
I have a button
I named it after Guster
Because I love them
Guster oh, Guster
In my head and my bed Guster,
Where art thou Guster
Jody Eredics
Do not eat the child
See Guster never eats babies
Guster eat those cookies
I'd take a bullet
For Ryan, Brian, Adam
Just give me the chance...
Wayne of CA
If you like Guster
Just say "NO" to the bacon
the ham, and the pork
Dylan from NY
Dude, Guster does rule!
If you think not, your a tool
Crap, Im late for school!
leah thunda
fa fa fa fa fa
fa fa fa never be the
same again- Guster
They're some rockin'Jews
Sang at a Jesuit school
'Sexless' show for us
Jewish, just like me
I wish one could be my groom
One gus, be my man
Brian is my fave
He's seen waiting for Guffman
It's not only me!
i love old guster
though crayola freaks me out
"stay between the lines"
is the new disc done
the other three are still good fun
scars and stitches rules
Toe stubbed in dark.
"Turn on the fucking LIGHT!"
Hid information.
Lauren from Chicago :)~
Take In Life, With Tunes
All The Way Up To Heaven
Sit Back And Relax
oh no! blood blister!
thank the lord for krazy glue.
bri's hand is salvaged.
Guster by thy name
Makin me oh so happy
is thy Guster's game
Jenn & Laura
laur and jenn must say
that happy frappy fridays
are tons of fun-ness
I love Guster
Guster is for lovers
Erik D
Adam, Ryan, Bri-
They play shows at cool venues
Good place to meet chicks
Erik D
Captain Maynard asks:
Where are my Sassy Sailors?
In the tavern, Daaarrrgghhh!
Me Gusta Guster
I like to hear their albums
They make me happy
Big Al
Brian the rhythm
Ryan and Adam the voice
Together awesome
Guster boys kick ass
adam is so super hot
he roks my small world
patty :)
John Mayer does not
deserve thee, oh great Guster.
You tear down the house!
Bekkah Specka
I feel you Guster
Sometimes I want bacon too
But I am a Jew
jump in a puddle
listen to guster all day
just go out and play
Guster is so sweet
Like a stick & F-in' Leaf
They are so Hott Like a Fox!
I have purple socks
I'd take Guster in a box
Cause their like a fox!!!!
Bekkah Specka
Guster gets me high
Sweet like homemade pumpkin pie
On Thanksgiving Day
a bird flies away
the fans approach the concert
guster is playing....
Melodious tunes
Woven 'round lyrical thought
Bongos lend substance
Melodic in sound
Poetic in their own words
Guster takes the stage
Mobilized Vocals
Harmonious Projection
Equals out Guster
likable dudes
guster rocks the hizouse
brian rocks my bed
fa fa fa fa fa
fa fa fa never be the
same aga-a-ain
the fogel
myself and guster
before them where, who was I?
tre bien ensemble
guster is the best
i always listen to them
twenty-four seven
Ryan is so fucking hot
i could just eat him up
damn Ryan is hot
guster's on my wall
and in my stereo, too
i should get out more
dude, if you're hungry
grab a cookie or something
please don't eat the band
Adam is so hot
It sucks that he is married
FUCK, Adam is hot
I've seen waiting for guffman
I love it and guster's the bomb
too bad I'm not jewish
Guster is my friend
I wish I was Jewish too
But I love Bacon
I love GUSTER, please give
I love GUSTER, no one is better!
I love GUSTER, need more!!!
Samantha "bluebeard" Brotman
Jews kick so much ass
Guster is a Jewish band
Guster is my life
wow guster is cool
their music inspires me
to write damn haikus
Park Baker
Honked at the Gus-Bus
The driver flipped me the bird
I think he was pissed
Park Baker
Is Prince At The Show?
Brian's Hands Drummed 'Til They Bled
But Prince Was Not There
Lucas A.
Just got a new job
Selling books at the airport
Huh? Oh, Ping-Pong balls....
Guster is my god
Brian looks like a monkey
How I love monkeys
jimi swan
warmest heart of gold
she makes my life so complete
she is my best friend
Bill E.Rubin
lemon grows from seed
sun and rain,long time to watch
four reach to the sky
I saw Guster twice
We talked like all good Jews do
Yay for Jews like us!
Dom Commella
A curly haired jew
a thundergod, and Adam
we call them Guster
shnizzle thizzle
guster is real cool
they make me bob my fat head
i want to meet them
brian plus carly
i want to do him alot
i love you alot
marissa lovato
guster is my fate
they do not like to eat steak
guster is my mate
Brians hands bashed and battered
Ironic is the pain needed to rock
The love of my life
Bri is hott
In my mind all day
I will massage your battered hands
Me, Baby__Me!
This person above
Can't write a haiku at all
Its Five, Seven, Five
my love for guster
cannot be fullfilled in this
haiku for bandaged
"Me, baby Me"
i know i cant write a haiku
but Guster is all that matters
Ping-pong balls are thrown
Just after the airport song
I love Guster live
the greatest album
is lost and gone forver
guster at its best
i'd be a groupie
but guster would not do me
plus i am not gay
Sean Riley
"Submit a haiku"
what vapid, random verse
guster needs them not
When we knew them not
A cool person said "listen!"
We thank you, Lindsey!
Guster's for lovers
So love the three jewish men
love to love guster
tri tran
Succulent night drops,
Upon lonely, wintry night...
Glowing like embers
Ryan is so hot
I love Ryan so so much
Damn I'm eleven
tri tran
Lavender summer
Silently smears amber joy
Upon the cold Earth.
tri tran
Ablaze in the night,
The fiery autumn
Lights up the ocean.
tri tran
Bare feet on the dune,
Blazing like the golden sun,
Pleasant to the eyes.
tri tran
Bare feet on the dune,
Blazing like the golden sun,
Pleasant to the eyes.
i love ramona
i fell in love with diane
and melanie too
poor bloody fingers
on conga and bongo drums
fall right off the hand
is two at a time
a real hidden jewish song
it sounds too christian
five syllables here
then seven on this stanza
then five again right?
foul mouthed musicians
like to show plump anuses
on new year's eve nights
Guster haikus. Wow.
I am so happy, to know.
To know these exist.
Hugh Rock
Guster sucks real bad
the band is bad to the max
on opposite day
angie H
hey, Brian can sing
like a goldfly in the sky
lovely and unique
joe wears a sweater
ryan and adam do too
brian likes tee shirts
Hazy dust blown far
Misty sky , quite highways
people still enjoy
Hurrah For Thursday
'Tis Mexican Pasty Day
We love our Pasty
Almir Cibra
As the birds go south,
They shine like a crystal ball
When their wings spread out.
zoe luvs guster
what a lovely sound
those written books and letters
Amsterdam for me
zoe luvs guster
look at ryan's hair
it used to be so crazy
but now its pretty
zoe luvs guster
adam is so hott
you just cant say he is not
i like him a lot
zoe luvs guster
brian is cute too
he plays drums, that's pretty cool
don't get no respect
if i were a cheese
i think i'd be smoked gouda
mmm, smells like guster
tri tran
Lilies and daisies
Smear the golden meadow,
Blaze the amber moon.
tri tran
I wander alone
In the indigo vortex,
Dreaming of Kimmiie.
Ping-pong balls flying
Adam's here, girls are sighing
What more do you need?
Gue piensan Gusters?
I should be doing homework
Or maybe sleeping
Guster is the shit
I like to listen to them
Guster is cool, peace
My prediction was
They'd be huge after Woodstock
It didn't happen
Mrs Maytag
Guster rocks mucho
I almost hit Ryan with
a ping pong ball once
Humming like a Bird
Guster is the best
I want to go to their show
Why haven't I yet???
a guster concert
realizations untold
marry me, Big Friend.
I don't mind saying
Guster will muster the strength
Of a Thundergod
tri tran
I massage her feet,
On the lavender meadow,
On a warm morning.
goldfly is so good
and lost and gone forever
keep it together
drumming with his hands
They are like no other one
Guster rox my world!
Airports and Demons
Their Great Escape was thrilling
Bury Me with Grins
Paul: Iowa
Puts me in a mood
That fills me with excitment
Todos los dias
kim novak
take me to the beach
push me high on a swing set
;et's dig up some worms
Guster makes me smile
Musicians who are Jewish
NFTYites like ME!
Aaron Swope
Cheers to you Guster
I only listen to you.
Now I've heard music.
2nd row
Guster in Nokia Theatre
Hearin tunes while chilling on the cheeba
ping pong balls again again
Brilliant Jews from Tufts
One, who warbled "Sympathy"
Yes! He was a Bub
tri n tran
Santa is coming
To the silent Milky Way,
Christmas, glittering.
Guster Band vs.
Dragon Ninja Warrior
Warrior is dead
David B
Guster Band vs.
Dragon Ninja Warrior
Warrior is dead
And at the airport
Support the book-distributers
And pong in your mind
Do you like Guster?
A big hairy cow may not.
But may have a shrit.
Bongos like no tomorrow
Gustatory noise
woman of dreams leaves
heart skips many empty beats
one more lonely night
Guster like produce
fesh, organic, and yummy
hella tight rockers
There used to be three,
But now there are four Gusters.
These guys rock my world.
Can't wait for Tuesday!
Guster in Toledo rocks
the full moon on high!!
Throwing ping pong balls
Adam Gardner is so hot
Will you marry me?