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Submitted to by Joan Shellenberger

Orpheum Theater, Madison Wisconsin

The concert at the Orpheum in Madison was a real feel good experience. The theater is very small and intimate-I don't think there is a bad seat in there. It was general admission, but even so, we were in line fairly early and got great seats. 6th row center, close enough to see the surprised and wondering look on Ryan Miller's
face when the audience greeted Guster as if they were superstars....
I was going to write the set lists down, but of course chose to concentrate on what a great time I was having instead. The audience knew every word to every song and it was an excellent experience to be a part of that. Several songs that I really wanted to hear, X-Ray eyes and Ramona, weren't on the menu that night, but then, they can't play them all, can they? I have turned my husband into a real Guster pod at last, and he wants to buy his own copies of the CD's, since I won't give mine up for him. Hey, some things even marriage doesn't entitle him to!