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Submitted to by Dan bowen

Comerica Tastefest, Detroit, Michigan

I trekked all across Michigan and endured a flat tired to see these guys and while I must say that the show was pretty cool, I feel that compared to some of the other shows that I hear about, this one lacked.....the energy.

Here is the playlist from the concert. I missed a tiny bit of the concert because I had to go back to my damn car to get it fixed.

Center of Attention
I Spy
Homecoming King
Mona Lisa
Airport Song --A bunch of ping pong balls were chucked, hah--
Ramona --This is where I went back to my car--
What You Wish For
--Some song I've never heard of-- ....--I camne back to the concert on this song--
Barrel of a Gun
Fa Fa
Keep It Together

First of all they sound WONDERFUL in concert. I love that a band can still sound like they know how to sing and perform live. But during most of the concert they just seemed.....there. There energy level seemed to be below par compared to that of other shows. I loved Ryan's one liners, he kept the mood light. At the end he was talking about the best thing he tasted today was the "fried corn stuff over there."

"Well this is our last song, so we all wish you...fried corn in the future".

I liked how he also explained the single process before playing "Amsterdam".

"The record companies like to pick one song and shove it down your throat as much as possible with the hopes of making us as big as...Pete Yorn."

Ryan's funny commentary was great and where I was standing was right by the soundboard where Pasty and someone else that looked like Pasty were standing. In the middle of Barrel of a Gun Pasty turned around to us and he was acting like he was singing the lyrics to us. Funny stuff. Brians drum solos were great, I felt that he was the one that conveyed the best energy out of the entire three. During Airpot song he was flipping out on the drums which was funny and Ryan and Adam both were concentrating real hard on the guitar parts. A bunch of ping pong balls were tossed at the end of the song in the front rows.

Another thing I liked about how they played this concert is they mixed up the intros to alot of the songs so you couldn't tell at all what song they were about to play next. I felt it was a great way to keep the audience on their toes. They even had the audience sing to Barrel of a Gun because poor Ryan got a sudden frog in his throat and had to get a drink of water.

So for the most part it was an enjoyable concert, I probably would have enjoyed even more if I hadn't had to worry about my damn car so much. I must say though I am glad I got to expeariance a Guster concert even if it was a little bland at times. It was great music and I still had a good time. Now next time Guster is in Michigan they should go to Grand Rapids instead of Detroit so I don't have to trek half across the state!