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Submitted to by Joan

Marcus Ampitheater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I bought tickets for this concert to see the BoDeans-just who the heck is Guster anyway? They opened with a little ditty I now know as "What You Wish For" and blew me away! I was not in my chair for the rest of the night. When they did "Come Downstairs and Say Hello", I knew I was hooked big time! The amount of sound put out by the three of them is amazing. I telepathically kept sending Brian messages to remove his shirt, but it didn't work....that was my only disappointment for the night! Once the concert ended, I bypassed the BoDean's 5 song advance CD to buy the Road Journal version of Keep it Together. Best $20 I've ever spent. I have since picked up Lost and Gone Forever-Parachute and Goldfly are on order at the local Borders. What more can you say about a concert when afterwards you go purchase anything the band has ever put out? Guster needs to come back to the Midwest soon-anywhere close to Chicago. Maybe this time Brian will take his shirt off!