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Submitted to by Wendy

Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA

A few years ago I saw Guster for the first time when they opened for the Bare Naked Ladies. I was already a fan and got the tickets mainly to see Guster - my husband thought I was crazy (he's a big BNL fan). We went to the show and loved it and I converted my husband. Last night we went and saw them again - once again I got the tix to see Guster, not John Mayer. The John Butler band came out and played and were pretty good, but made the mistake of not telling anyone who they were. So, most people spent the time they were playing asking around about who it was. We didn't figure it out till much later when I saw a t-shirt at the t-shirt stand with their name on it. Then Guster came out - a lot of the people around us didn't know who they were, but were seemed pretty into it by the end. Was a great show by Guster, wish it had been longer. They did seem to lack a little bit of the energy and enthusiasm we remembered them having the first time we saw them, but still - GREAT SHOW!
Then John Mayer came on - coming into the show we both enjoyed his music, we left the show very disappointed. He did WAY too much talking - the more words he said, the more we didn't like him. Can't describe it, but something about him just rubbed us both the wrong way. The music was ok, but he went off jamming a few too many times for my taste (especially since I'm not a major fan). Was a big let down for us to end the night on John Mayer, kind of took away from the Guster experience which is too bad. Maybe they'll be headlining themselves next time we get to see them! They need to come out to the sf bay area more often.