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Reviews From 07-27-2002
Submitted to by Kelly

A finkle and sons, Chicago, IL

I took my girlfriend to see the John Mayer/Guster show here in Chicago. It was really interesting to me, because a lot of the people there had never heard Guster before... that's what happens when the show is put on by something like House of Blues. John's okay, but we were there to see Guster, and they really delivered. They had a short set, so they didn't get to play many songs, but they played a good variety, and added a couple from all albums and made a good mix out of it. I was very pleased with their performance, and I can't wait to go to my next Guster show. I had heard for so long that they were amazing live, both from my girlfriend and my friends, and now I know from experiance. Martin Sexton opened... he was a good suprise... I went out and bought his cd a week later. We left halfway through the John Mayer set... as we were leaving I overheard many John Mayer fans talking about how they had never even heard of Guster before, but they were so impressed with their perfromance, that they were going to start listening to them. That made me happy. It was a great end to the evening. *also, another note about the venue... A Finkle is a very cool place to see a concert, I highly suggest going there if you ever get a chance. Guster-- come back and play again soon!

Submitted to by Lauren

A. Finkle & Sons, Chicago, IL.

Well i wanted to start off by saying that this was my first guster concert. I was looking forward to the show for quite some time. Well it was about 100 degrees that day, and never seemed to cool down. Oh well my friends and I got to see Guster!!! They came onto the stage each wearing a white hard hat, to this once TV show theme that i cant think of right now. Well they opened with a great song and ended with Fa Fa... of course. I just really wish they could have played more songs, because i think that they probably played only 12 or 13 songs. But its ok they plyaed old and new songs which i really liked too. And least they played a lot of their better songs. Well i just wanted to commend them for coming out there in such nasty heat to play and put on a great show for us Chi~town folk.!!!! :) Thundergod must have been dying! :) Well thanks for reading this, whoever takes the time, just know that Guster' a great band and they ARE worth your time, money, and sweat!!! Lauren