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Submitted to by Kate Leahy


Played follow the leader
Keeping the steps in time
Counting on the wonder ahead
I leave the pain behind
It's on me
It's all mine
Go away
They're my mistakes
They're not your problem
Pinned down in this heaven
I'll die a thousand times
Aware of the damage ahead
I'll leave the pain behind
Another day, a perfect day
A twinge of pain
The sting of a needle
So warm at the bottom
Warm never felt so kind
And for a moment or two
I leave it all behind
Black dog, white picket fences
Mow them down
And dance in the riptide
Face down in consequences
Crack me up
And stay on your own side
I wish I may
I wish I might
I pray my soul
To keep tonight
'Cause all the walls
Are staring back
A perfect day
A sting for the last time.